In The Beginning....


The Eastside Neighborhood Organization (ENO) formed in 1972 to form an alliance to work to resolve neighborhood affairs. In 1974, Thomas Brother Trucking Company was houed in the ENO boundaries. The company had trucks coming in and out of an alley like drive, and one day one of the trucks backed into a house, which lead ENO to fight to get the property rezoned. It was this event that brought ENO together, and since ENO has established and developed necessary changes in the City of Lansing.

The grass-root neighbors of ENO made it accessible for all neighbors to be put on city boards, as well as create working relationships with city officials, local businesses, and entities such as Sparrow Hospital, Acorn, Lansing EnergeyAwareness Network, Lansing School District, City Departments, and corporate and locally owned businesses.

ENO neighbors have long since established not only working relationships, but loyal and faithful relationships, which has developed a warm and peaceful neighborhood. Many neighbors naturally help other neighbors in need by mowing lawns and shoveling snow, as well as watching the neighborhood children walk to school. ENO is and has always encouraged the development of the Eastside as a residential, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, neighborhood where diversity is enjoyed and promoted.

Over the years ENO has created events that benefit not only ENO neighbors but the entire City of Lansing. These events are used to encourage and demonstrate how to build strong warm and peaceful neighborhoods in Lansing. These events are: Spring Souper, held in March, Candidate's Night, held in October, and the Holiday Party, held in December. For more information about these events please click on the links.

ENO is always working on keeping neighbors informed and connected with the City and other neighborhoods in Lansing by publishing two newspapers a year, holding monthly meetings that are open to the public, going to other neighborhood meetings, sitting on city and other organizational boards, as well as having a website that is maintained routinely.

As you can see ENO works tirelessly to maintain a healthy developing neighborhood, which makes a great place to live, work, and play. Neighbors have rooted healthy relationships that are ready to rally up on any occasion that is necessary, and it is because of the traditions that were ingrained into the foundation that has made ENO a successful and strong neighborhood that will endure any storm.

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