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"People who live on the Eastside make more than a great location choice; they enjoy the best of an urban lifestyle".

The Eastside is comprised of both typical midwestern style and quaint homes, featuring colorful facades and interesting architecural details. But, it's what's on the inside that counts. Over 8,000 households make up this affordable, friendly and walkable community. The area is home to younger families and long term residents who have grown-up here, raised their families, and now choose to enjoy their retirement in the neighborhood.

The diversity of the Eastside is a prominent reasons for people to choose to live here. Artists and auto workers, medical professionals, and graduate students, people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds enjoy a lively mix of ideas, traditions, and lifestyles.

Commitment to Community

On the Eastside, you'll find many people commited to preserving and improving their community and celebrating it's uniqueness. People who work with neighbors to develop creative solutions to problems and challenges. People who are good neighbors.

Eastside is an unbrella group of over twenty active neighborhood groups that serve nearly every part of the Eastside. These groups not only add names to the faces that pass by on the street but offer ways to encourage friendly relationships through participation in many activites such as: Spring Flower Planting, Summer Picnics/Block Parties, Organized Youth Sports, Clean-up Days, and Old Fashioned Caroling through the neighborhood.