April 2019 Annual Meeting Notes

 A packed meeting tonight. Let’s see what I can remember:

1) There were elections and all the officer and board positions were filled — congratulations to the new board!

2) There was a lively conversation about the Red Cedar project. There are articles in the “City Pulse” and “LSJ” this week. Jodi Washington will have more discussion at her meeting on Saturday.

3) There a presentation about the proposed Lansing School sinking fund that will be on the ballot on May 7th:

4) There was a presentation on Emergency Preparedness by Do1Thing:

5) The Souper (ENO’s major fund raiser) brought in a bit over $1000 from that money $150 each went to ANC youth garden and a local art group (sorry I don’t remember the name).

6) Next year’s Souper will be on Saturday, March 7 2020.