ENO’S Candidate’s Night

Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 6-8 p.m. At-Large and 1st Ward city council candidates will be there to participate in a question and answer forum. We will have a moderator who will handle the Q&A portion and Brian Baer will to be our timekeeper.

We have invited Adam Hussain, 3rd Ward candidate to attend as well. Even though 1st ward cannot vote for 3rd ward he still makes decisions on the council and it would be nice to hear his thoughts and where he stands. 

Hope you can attend and ask all those important questions to the candidates and learn where they stand on issues. 

MSU Students Looking For Food History of Food on the Eastside

Contact the students at leadr@msu.edu if you’d be willing to be interviewed about food history on the Eastside of Lansing. Memories of restaurants, grocery stores, butchers, etc. that you remember from your childhood? Have your mother’s favorite Eastside church cookbook that you’d be willing to share? Maybe some of our new urban farmers would like to share their recent history.


April 2019 Annual Meeting Notes

 A packed meeting tonight. Let’s see what I can remember:

1) There were elections and all the officer and board positions were filled — congratulations to the new board!

2) There was a lively conversation about the Red Cedar project. There are articles in the “City Pulse” and “LSJ” this week. Jodi Washington will have more discussion at her meeting on Saturday.

3) There a presentation about the proposed Lansing School sinking fund that will be on the ballot on May 7th:

4) There was a presentation on Emergency Preparedness by Do1Thing:

5) The Souper (ENO’s major fund raiser) brought in a bit over $1000 from that money $150 each went to ANC youth garden and a local art group (sorry I don’t remember the name).

6) Next year’s Souper will be on Saturday, March 7 2020.

April/Annual ENO Meeting

April’s Eastside Neighborhood Organization (ENO) meeting is Wednesday, April 3rd; 7 p.m. at Foster Community Center.

We will have two presentations:

1. Information on the May 6th election regarding the school sinking fund.

 2. Information on Emergency Preparedness – Receive an emergency card and other information. This card is helpful to others should you need help and can’t respond. It’s that time of year to be prepared for the storms that may come our way! 

Also the April meeting is the annual meeting, including voting for board members and officers. Eligibility to vote and/or run for office is described in Article 1 and Section 2 of the ENO by-law: 

An ENO Member is any person residing within the boundaries of ENO who either attends two subsequent ENO meetings and/or actively participates in the organizational aspects of two ENO sponsored activities, per membership year (both via sign-in sheets). This gives them membership privileges including, but not limited to, voting and the right to hold office.

Souper Update

We are still looking for people to make soups or to volunteer at the day of the event.

We are also looking for raffle items.

Come to tonight’s (6 March) to sign up or contact Nancy at nmahlow2012@gmail.com if you’d like to help out.