ENO Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Groups

Eastside Neighborhood Groups

Because the territory of the Eastside Neighborhood Organization (ENO) is so large, many smaller communities have formed their own neighborhood groups and organizations within the ENO boundaries. These groups, along with ENO, serve as an effective way to address issues of interest to residents, city officials, and our local law enforcement. It also allows people to meet with their immediate neighbors, and focus on concerns that affect their area specifically. The ENO as a whole represents the entire Eastside of Lansing on issues and concerns that influence the wider community. The ENO, with its long history of neighborhood involvement, can also give guidance and support to newly founded groups. If you and your neighbors already have a group formed and would like help or support from the ENO, please contact Nancy Mahlow at 372-3249 or come to an ENO meeting. Together, we can work to make the Eastside of Lansing a GREAT place to live, work, and play.

Armory Alliance Neighborhood Watch # 237

gardenFormed in 1987Boundaries:Jerome from North Clemens to Marshall/All Horton Street and Elvin Court/Michigan Ave., from eastside of Marshall to North Clemens StreetContact: Piper Fountain
Email: 1piperpiping@gmail.com
Meet as needed

Association For The Bingham Community

pilgrimFormed in 1993Boundaries:Michigan Ave on the North, Holmes Street on the East, Kalamazoo Street on the South, and Pennsylvania on the WestContact: Denise Kelley 484-9109Email: abcneighborhood @sbcglobal.netMeetings are held the 1st Monday of odd months at Pilgrim UCC, 125 South Pennsylvania Ave at 5:30 p.m.Facebook: ABC NeighborhoodWebsite: http://www.facebook.com/abcneighborhood

Eastern Neighbors Association

easternFormed in 1990Boundaries:Shiawassee on the North, Holmes Street on the East, Michigan Ave on the South, Larch Street on the WestContact: Chris SilsbyMeetings: The group has a potluck beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday each month, jointly with Oak Park Neighborhood Association

Eastfield Neighborhood Association

eastfieldFormed in 1994Boundaries:Catholic Central Field on the North, Marshall Street on the East, Michigan Ave on the South, and Holmes Street on the WestContact: Jonathan Lum 798-6264Email: Eastfield.neighbor@gmail.comMeetings: 2nd Thursday of even-numbered months, at 7p.m.Website: http://www.msu.edu/user/rothb/eastfield/history.htm 

East Village Neighborhood Association

East VillageFormed in October 2008Boundaries:Saginaw on the North, Nantucket on the East, Wickham on the South, Worthington on the WestContact: Jody Washington at 805-9337Meets as needed

Fairview Area Interested Residents (F.A.I.R. Neighbors)

FosterFormed in 1994Boundaries:Michigan Ave on the North (at South Magnolia, South Hayford, South Foster, South Francis/South boundary is Marcus Street), Lesile on the East, I-496 on the East, South Francis on the WestContact: Teresa Moore 367-2059Email: yokitty75@yahoo.comMeetings our held the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 pmat Allen Neighborhood Center, 1619 East Kalamazoo Street

Foster Your Neighbors (FYN)

FYNFormed in 2004Boundaries:Grand River on the North, Howard Street on the East, Michigan Ave on the South, and North Clemens on the WestContact: Brian Baer 517-371-2857We are currenlty not having regular meetings.Website: https://nextdoor.comE-mail: BDBaer@gmail.com

Green Oaks

greenFormed in 1979Boundaries:Michigan Ave on the North, Pennsylvaina on the East, Kalamazoo Street on the South, and Railroad Tracks on Michigan AveContact: Julann Vittone at 488-4783E-mail: webmaestro@jandyonline.comMeetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month (except November and December) at Christ Lutheran Church, 122 South Pennsylvania at 6 p.m.Website: http://www.greenoaks.jandyonline.com

Grosebeck Neighborhood Association

Post OakFormed in 2000Boundaries:Lake Lansing on the North, 127 on the East, Grand River on the South, and Wood Road on the WestContact: Bill Nelson at 371-3888E-mail: groesbeck_assoc@yahoo.comMeetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Sept, and Nov) at 7 p.m. at Post Oak School 

Holmes Street School Community

HSSCFormed in 2006Boundaries:Main Street on the North, Holmes Street on the East, Potter Park on the East, and Raider Street on the WestContact: MaryBeth Van HornE-mail: MaryBethVanhorn@att.netQuarterly MeetingsFacebook Page: Holmesstreetschoolcomunity

Hosmer Neighborhood Association

HosmerFormed in 1996Boundaries:Kalamazoo Street on the North, Pennsylvaina on the East, I-496 on the South, and Hosmer on the WestMeets as needed

Hunter Park Residential Organization (H.E.R.O.)

HEROFormed in 1998Boundaries:Kalamazoo on the North, Shepard on the East, I-496 on the South, and Clifford Street on the WestWebsite: http://www.hunterparkeast.tumblr.com

Hunter Park Neighbors

HunterFormed in 2004Boundaries:Kalamazoo Street on the North, Lathrop on the East, I-496 on the South and Holmes on the WestKalamazoo on the North, Lathrop Street on the East, I-496 on the South, and Clifford Street on the WestMeet as needed

Marshall Park Neighborhood Watch # 221

MPBoundaries: Oakland (southside only) on the North, Saginaw (northside only) on the South, Marshall on the East/West Clark Street includes Mahlon, Maryland, June, and May Streets within these boundariesContact: Michael Wetzel at 485-6282

Northtown Neighborhood Association

NorthtownFormed in August 1994Boundaries: Lake Lansing Road on the North, Eastern most border of Bancroft Park, Saginaw on the South, and CXO Rail Line East of Larch Street on the WestContact: Rock Hudson 702-1703E-mail:NNANorthTown@aol.com.comMeetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at Cristo Rey Community Center, 1717 North High Street at 6:30 pm 

Oak Park Neighborhood Association

Oak ParkFormed in 1994Boundaries: Saginaw on the North, North Pennsylvaina Ave on the East, Shiawassee on the South, and Larch Street on the West.Contact: Judy Hackett at 371-4214E-mail: oakparkneighborhoodasso@gmail.comMeetings are held the 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.


PLACEFormed in 1993Boundaries: Prospect, Lathrop, Allen, Clifford, and Eureka StreetContact: Jennie Grau at 484-5756Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Allen Neighborhood Center

Potter Walsh Neighborhood Organization

Potter WalshFormed in 1993Boundaries: Main Street on the North, Railroad Tracks on the East, Woodman/E. Aurelius on the South, and Holmes Street on the WestContact: Deb Biehler 485-9692Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:20 p.m. at the Faith Fellowship Baptist Church, 1001 Dakin Street

Prospect Protectors Neighborhood Watch # 231

ProspectFormed in 1983Boundaries: Eureka Street on the North, Allen Street on the East, Prospect on the South, and 200 Block of Holmes on the EastContact: Corie Jason at 482-8756Meets as needed

Regent Oaks

RegentFormed in 2007Boundaries: Kalamazoo on the North, Leslie on the East, I-496 on the South, and Shepard on the WestContact: Jackie Dillinger at 402-2964E-mail: jackiedillinger@sbcglobal.netMeetings are held every 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Allen Neighborhood Center

Shepard Street United Neighbors

ShepardFormed in 1990Boundaries:Shepard Street between Michigan Ave and Kalamazoo Street including Stanley CourtMeets as needed

We Care Neighborhood Watch Association

We CareFormed in 2000Boundaries:Kalamazoo Street on the North, Railroad Tracks on the East, I-496 on the South, and North Larch Street on the WestContact: Grace MiddaughMeetings are held the 3rd Tuesday each month at 6 p.m.

Your Neighbors

LeslieFormed in 2006Boundaries:Michigan Ave on the North, Regent Street on the East, Kalamazoo Street on the South, Leslie Street on the WestContact: Dave Muylle at 484-3341Meetings are held 4-6 times per year including at least one neighborhood work day and block party at 124 Regent Street